Photography + Business Workshops


Three Hour Workshop

I often have inquiries about following along for shoots and learning about photography, editing, workflow, and the ins-and-outs of running a photography business.  Because I am unable to have individuals follow along during a shoot, as I have to give my 100% attention to my clients, I offer a photography workshop, one-on-one, where we can shoot, work on editing, talk about doing business and workflow, and basically anything else you are interested in discussing. I’m open to any and all questions, and we will walk through a typical photo shoot plus editing. For the training course, you would set up a model/models (can be a friend, relative, or anyone), and we will do a practice shoot and go through a typical workflow. We can also discuss specific genres of photography (e.g. weddings, seniors, families, events, etc.) and any other specific questions you have.  This workshop is recommended for anyone wanting to learn more about basic photography and setting up photo shoots.


Six Hour, Two Day Workshop

The Two Day Workshop is the let’s-get-your-business-off-the-ground workshop and covers basically anything you would want to know about the photography business. We will do one three hour session a day for two days. The first day, we’ll do a practice shoot and go over the ins and outs of photography and setting up a shoot. We’ll look at your workflow, get things ready for editing, and discuss editing techniques and business ideas. The extra day gives you time to edit, set up a workflow, and present your photo shoot. We’ll then take the second day to look at the finished product, critique the session and photos, come up with creative business ideas, and draw the whole thing together. This workshop brings in every aspect of running a photography business from start to finish, and it gives you a great starting point to launch your budding business off the ground. We will cover all aspects of photography, business, legal requirements, editing, workflow, client relationships, and anything else you are interested in. This workshop is designed for those who have started to get their business off the ground, but just need that extra information to really figure out how to get more clients, improve their photography and workflow, and the ins and outs of running a photography business.


Phone Mentorship

I also offer a phone session for up to 30 minutes to talk about anything you’d like. This can be photography related, business related, or anything in between. We can look at examples on your website and discuss them. You can send me samples to discuss, we can talk about workflow, business information, and answer any questions you have.


Why Choose a Workshop with Jenna Bishop?

I would love to help perfect your craft and dive into the business of photography (which I completely believe is 5% taking pictures, 10% editing, and 85% business sense). I know it can be a big investment at first, but getting the information you need, short and sweet, as opposed to months or years of figuring it out yourself, can be one of the best business decisions you make and may be all that’s needed to take your business to the next level. As your photos, business practices, and workflow improve, you can raise your prices, and compete for clients who really value photography and are willing to pay well for good services. Contact me for more details about this great opportunity to get all your questions answered and take your photography and business to the next level.


Three Hour Workshop | $995

Six Hour, Two-Day Workshop | $1995

30-Minute Phone Mentorship | $225


Contact:  Jenna Bishop


Phone: 480-695-9949