Photo Shoot Locations

Below are some of my most popular photo shoot locations with links to shoots done at those locations. My nature ones are first and most recommended, however, we can do any kind of location you’d like. I’m always up for new adventures!

Basic Session Options: Veteran’s Oasis (similar to Riparian), Orange Grove, Downtown Chandler, Urban/Nature Mix, Arizona Rustic Farm, Desert Wash – Custom Location available for additional fee

Arizona Forest

A client favorite and my most popular location. A national park with lots of great wild nature and trees. Tonto pass ($8/car) needed.

family photographers in gilbert

Riparian Preserve

This is my other favorite nature place to take photos. Trees, foliage, paths, water areas, and sometimes grass fields.  Some structures like benches and walls.


Arizona Rustic Farm

A super unique location only available to Jenna Bishop Photography clients! Adorable farmhouse with large trees, grass, beautiful wood wall, rustic fences and backgrounds, and even a tire swing! Farmhouse, meets rustic, meets vintage, all in Gilbert, Arizona!


Urban/Nature Mix

An awesome option of both urban architecture and tons of nature. Super versatile with lots of room and background options. Great for every type of shoot.

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Desert Landscape

Traditional desert landscape views with saguaro and mountains.

Desert Botanical Gardens

The Gardens offers beautiful nature and unique architecture and structures (bridges, benches, rocks, walls, etc.). Regular admission is $22/adult $10/child, but with my membership, I cover both my admission and one adult admission as well as get discounted adult and children’s tickets.

Arizona River

Neat views of the mountains and river. Can go in the water as well for some unique looks. Best scheduled on weekdays, as weekends get busy with other park users. Tonto pass ($8/car) needed.

Groomed Nature

Groomed foliage and some architecture. Great place for greenery all year round.

family photographers in mesa

Gilbert Park

Tall trees and pretty foliage. Some seasonal leaves and colors.

Saguaro Lake

Lovely nature and lake with mountains in the background. Can get in the water as well. Tonto pass ($8/car) needed. Additional $30 travel fee.

senior photographers in gilbert az

Orange Grove

Traditional look of Arizona orange groves. Oranges are usually in season during late winter, although beautiful foliage and trees year round.


Downtown Chandler

Unique architecture, colorful backgrounds, and brick walls. Versatile for different looks.

Downtown Mesa

Gritty urban area. Several alleyways and buildings. Different textures and walls.

Mesa Arts Center

Right near downtown Mesa, offers varied structures, colors, and textures (very busy during the fall).

Example 1 | Jake

Downtown Gilbert

Lots of different textures, some nature, railroad tracks, a variety of different backgrounds. Best for very small families or seniors.

ASU or Tempe

Unique backgrounds, architecture, and small railroad tracks. Each can be booked separately, but Extended Session needed to book both ASU and Tempe area locations.

senior photographers in gilbert

Tempe Beach Park or Tempe Arts Center

Unique backgrounds, urban feel, creative and artsy, bridges and structures. Can be booked together or as each separate location.

Example 3 | Osberg Family
Senior photographers in gilbert

Downtown Scottsdale

Variety of backgrounds and old downtown feel. Some foliage areas and unique buildings.

Downtown Phoenix

Fun urban look, lots of variety. Only booked on weekends.

Heritage Park – Phoenix

Rustic, old-fashioned buildings and backgrounds. Urban feel, and unique architecture and structures. Only booked on weekends.

Example 1 | Mia

Custom Location

Is there somewhere special you’d like to capture your photos? A meaningful place or unique background. We can take photos almost anywhere – just let me know your thoughts!