Summer of Fun

Because our newest edition, Savannah, was born this past May, I took a couple months off to recoup, reevaluate, and well, try to sleep. It has been such a refreshing summer! My girls and I ventured to Indiana for a couple weeks (Daddy came a week later) to visit my parents in their new house on the reservoir, and it is always so fun visiting my hometown. I love the summer in Indiana, the smells, the 4H fair, the farm fields full of sweet corn, such a nostalgic time. Pawpaw and I took Dakota canoeing for the first time, she learned how to catch fireflies, and of course we had smores over a campfire. And that was just one day of fun! We celebrated Dakota’s second birthday and even took some pretty two year photos on my parent’s land. One of the best parts of parenting is watching my children experience things for the first time, and Indiana was full of so many firsts for both the girls!

An important goal this summer was to reevaluate my business goals, life goals, and mommy goals, now that we have two little ones and hopefully more in the future, God willing. I’ve made a couple big decisions and small day-to-day changes to reorganize my priorities – it has been a hard but well-worth it process to get focused on what’s important. That being said, I have decided to limit the amount of bookings I’ll be doing during the busy season. This decision was two-fold – one, great client relationships have always been a super important part of my business goals, and I want to be able to devote the same amount of time toward each client that I have in the past, however, two, that time is more limited now chasing around a toddler and caring for a newborn, thus, to be able to continue my current client focus and manage my family as a priority, bookings will be limited. In that regard, if you’re planning to do photos this fall, I would recommend contacting now as dates are filling fast! 🙂

In the meantime, my two littles passed two big milestones – two years and three months. Now, granted two years is a bit bigger of a deal, but I wanted an excuse to capture Savannah’s gummy smile, just makes me so happy! So enjoy some photos from our travels, and stay tuned because recent shoots will be popping up on the blog soon!

children children children Family photographers in gilbert two year birthday photos two year children arizona children mesa family photographer mesa family photographer
two year birthday pictures gilbert photographer three month photographer gilbert mesa children gilbert children Three Month Photos-2 Three Month Photos-1

Some fun iphone photos from our Indiana trip!

– Dakota ready for the plane – get me on the first flight to Grandma’s!

– Helping pack

– Checking out the giraffes at the zoo

– Bonfire and smores

– Mommy trying to ride in Dakota’s sweet Barbie Mustang

– This sign pretty much describes my hometown

– First canoe ride

– Finishing up aerial photos of a local business – super cool experience!

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2014-07-18 18.15.10 2014-07-18 18.19.19 2014-07-26 13.34.11 2014-07-24 14.20.25

2014-07-20 16.55.30 2014-07-17 05.54.55

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