Senior Saturday: 10 Tips on What to Wear

When it comes to senior photos, the awesome thing is, you can wear just about anything and look fabulous. Typically, my seniors have about three outfits (two changes), which gives us enough time to really take advantage of each look. The following is a list of ten tips for dressing for your senior photos with Jenna Bishop Photography:

10 Tips for Senior Photos Outfits

10. You don’t need to buy something new:

We all have those couple outfits in our closet that we know we look awesome in. Feel free to bring those, there is no reason to have to go out and buy new outfits, what you have is perfectly wonderful. However, I will admit, when I went shopping for my family photos, I basically walked around the store and picked out a new dress, boots, jewelry, and belt. That was fun too  🙂

10 Tips for Senior Photos Outfits

9. Bring a variety of outfits:

It’s nice to have a few different looks, most of my seniors bring something casual, something dressy, and something uniquely them, however, those categories definitely range. And of course, you can go all casual, or all in your cheer-leading outfit, or all in your prom dress. Honestly, it’s whatever you want and all about you. But a few different outfits give you a variety of looks and cover all your bases (like if grandma wants a nice dressy picture of you for her mantle). Don’t forget the jewelry! I love how jewelry can be an awesome accent to a simple outfit.

10 Tips for Senior Photos Outfits

8. Get advice if you need it, but don’t wear something you don’t like:

Mom, friends, and big sister are a great source of advice on what to wear for your senior shoot, but don’t be pressured to wear something that’s not you or that you don’t like. Borrowing your friend’s lace up, thigh-high, black, studded rock star boots may seem like a good idea at the time, especially if she keeps saying that they look “totally, like, awesome on you” but don’t be pressured to wear or be something that you are not. Being true to your style will ensure that you love your look when you get your photos.

10 Tips for Senior Photos Outfits

7. You don’t have to change who you are:

If you are a super casual dresser, don’t feel like you have to glam it up for your senior photos. Be true to yourself. I’ve had cowgirls, fashionistas, granolas, and everything in between, and all of them took gorgeous senior photos because they embraced who they were. Again, those black studded rock star boots probably aren’t you.

10 Tips for Senior Photos Outfits

6. Props are fun, if they are your personality:

Props aren’t for everyone, but if you want to add a little spice to your photos, props can be super fun. I’ve had seniors bring some pretty cool props to sessions, everything from a simple hat or aviators, to an antique chair, a mandolin, a sports car, and a horse! So if you have something that you just love, that is really part of who you are, don’t hesitate to bring it along, we’ll fit it in beautifully to some of your photos. Some examples: sports equipment (ballet shoes/outfit, soccer ball, cheer poms), cap and gown, tassels, frames or signs, hats, sunglasses, stools or chairs, musical instruments, pets.

10 Tips for Senior Photos Outfits 10 Tips for Senior Photos Outfits 10 Tips for Senior Photos Outfits

5. Hair and makeup are just as much a part of your outfit:

Taking the time to do your hair and makeup really can make a big difference in the final product. Makeup smooths out your skin and evens out your skin tone. It also highlights your naturally beautiful features like rosy cheeks and long eyelashes. Hair can make a big difference, and some girls like to get it professionally done before their shoot. But most importantly, just like everything, make sure it looks like you. If you never wear your hair down and straight, you will probably not like how you look in your photos if your hair is down and straight. Take the time to look your best, but be true to you!

10 Tips for Senior Photos Outfits

4. Rules are nice, but I think of them more as guidelines:

There are all sorts of rules out there about outfits: solid, muted colors look best, wear heels, don’t wear stripes or bold patterns, avoid white, don’t have logos on your shirt, etc. etc. These are nice and all, and if I was photographing a family, I would definitely encourage some of these, however, senior photos are all about you. What if all you wore were flats? Well, you would feel akward and clumsy in heels, and they wouldn’t be you. I’m all about capturing who you are, and if breaking these rules means showing off your personality, then by all means, break away! I’ve had gorgeous shots with logoed t-shirts, white dresses, flats and sandals, and stripes. Don’t worry too much about if you are following the “rules” or not, think about what looks good on you and what you feel good in.

10 Tips for Senior Photos Outfits

3. If you just don’t know, talk to me:

I’ve helped countless seniors choose some awesome outfits, and have given advice on everything from color pallets that work best with their skin-tone, to which boots to wear with their dress, to outright picking out each of their outfits. I am here to help and have lots of experience, so don’t hesitate to ask!

10 Tips for Senior Photos Outfits

2. If you still don’t know – bring a ton of stuff!

I’ve had seniors show up with literally half their closet in their trunk, and we worked together to choose some awesome outfits. Actually, I love it when seniors do this because it is super fun. So if you just have no idea what to wear, bring it all and we’ll dress you in something amazing.

10 Tips for Senior Photos Outfits

1. Most importantly – Wear something you feel fabulous in: 

Wear whatever makes you feel confident, fabulous, and like you can take on the world. For example, when I wear heels, my confidence level boosts like 200%, I don’t really know why, It’s just something about wearing heels that makes me feel like a million bucks. So whatever you wear, make sure you have that feeling. You know what I’m talking about, that cute shirt you save for “special” occasions, or that dress that fits you just right in the best shade of yellow. Go for that feeling, and you can’t lose.

10 Tips for Senior Photos Outfits

To get more ideas on what to wear, check out my article: What in the World Do I Wear? And my Pinterest Page: Senior Outfit Ideas

Senior Outfit Ideas

I’m all about celebrating who you are including your clothing choices, your poses, your props, your smile, and everything in between.  If this sounds like your type of senior photo shoot, I’d love to book your session! Click below to book now and get more information!

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Many blessings from Jenna Bishop Photography!

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