Senior Saturday: Uniquely You

It seems that the most important thing in high school now (and always, apparently) is to be part of the crowd. If you stand out too much, you’re weird, or different, or unpopular. The safe thing to do is to blend in, do what others do, buy the same clothes, have the same interests, Instagram the same photos. But the one thing that should not be cookie cutter, should not be the same as everyone else, is your senior photos. They are a direct expression of everything you have grown to be, everything your parents, siblings, friends, and teachers, have taught you; every experience you’ve had, and interest you’ve developed; and everything you are and aren’t. You are completely unique (even if you try to be part of the crowd), and senior photos have a way of drawing that uniqueness out like no other senior experience.

The thing I love about photographing high school seniors is that each person and each session is so different. With any other photo shoots, I am working with several people, so I cater my photography and session to meet their needs as a whole. But with seniors, it is all about you. Your style, your clothes, your location, your day, your poses, it’s all unique to you and your personality. I know I say that everywhere on my website, but it really is true. It was just chance last year that I had two senior girls choose the same location, same weather, same time, back-to-back days, and their sessions each turned out so differently. That’s what is so fun! I get to take your personality, clothes, look, smile, background, interests, life, and just make your photos all about you!


Jamie is whimsical, funny, and casual. She loves sweet things and being natural. And she loves being out in nature. She takes interest in the little things that people often look past. And she isn’t afraid to have fun, no matter where she is. She makes her own fun. She’s brave and willing to try anything, and goofy about life. She is full of joy.

High School Senior Photographers High School Senior Photographers High School Senior Photographers


Abbey is genuine and fashionable and super smart. She’s organized and a planner. She has a sweet side with a sweet smile, and her engaging personality shines. She’s in two worlds at once, a bookworm and a fashion designer, yet she manages this juxtaposition with flawless grace.  Don’t let her serious photos fool you, she was all laughs and smiles in between shots. She will succeed no matter where she goes or what she does, she just exudes confidence.  High School Senior Photographers High School Senior Photographers High School Senior Photographers

Two very different girls, two very different senior photo sessions. That is how you should remember your senior year:  you, unique, different, ready to take on the world.


Many blessings from Jenna Bishop Photography!

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Next month… What To Wear?!?



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