Tips for Brides Tuesday: Wedding Photography Style

There are many amazing wedding photographers out there, and each one has their own unique take on the wedding day, the flow, the story telling, and the type of photos they take. Some photographers focus on the artistic shots, some on the traditional, some are a mixture. Photographers can vary on all sorts of things: use of light, contrast, editing, focus, angles, creativity, and that’s just the photo side of the equation. When working with brides there are so many other things: what to offer clients, album design, communication style, package options, involvement in the the process, time to edit photos, etc.

Wedding Photography Tips


As a bride, or client for that matter, it is important to know what you are getting into. Find a couple photographers that interest you, that you initially say, I want my wedding photos to look like that, and then look through their portfolio asking yourself the following questions:


1. Do I like 90% of their work? – You are probably not going to love every single photo, but if you like the majority of what they have displayed, you are off to a good start

2. Does their style reflect my personality? – Do you love colors and bright art and photos? You will probably love a wedding photographer to captures the candid moments of you and your spouse laughing with your gorgeous flowers in the foreground. Are you a lover of all things Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson? Then you are probably going to want wedding photos that are dark, contrasty, and black and white. Choose a photographer who reflects your personality.

3. Would I hang these photos in my home? – If you were the subject of the photographer’s wedding photos, would you hang them in your home? Do their photos match your look and decor?

4. Do the style of their photos jump all over the place? – It is very important for wedding photography to flow throughout the day, which is difficult because over 8 hours the light, atmosphere, and settings change constantly. However, wedding photos need to be cohesive. (See my post on Wedding Black and White). Do the style of the photographer’s photos jump all over the place? Are some colorful, some vintage, some sepia, some black and white, some formal, some totally out there? It’s tough to get an accurate depiction of what you are going to get when the photographer does not have a consistent portfolio.

5. Do I like the “poses” in the photos? – Some photographers are very traditional, while some like to push creative limits, and some rarely get a “traditional” wedding photo at all. Check out a photographer I love, Erik Clausen, very beautiful photos, but definitely artsy, not for everyone.


Ask to see a start-to-finish wedding. Most photographers would be happy to show you an example. See if their work “flows” from one thing to the next (getting ready, ceremony, couple pictures, reception). Is it cohesive?

 The bottom line is, as a client, be aware of what you’re getting into. Do your research, and in the end, go with someone you have a good feeling about and someone whose photos you want hanging on your wall. Your wedding photos are priceless, and you will be looking back on them for generations, so make sure to pick a photographer who meets your wedding photography needs.



A little about my style: 

I shoot mainly using light and color to accentuate my subjects.  I love soft background light, and often break some of the “rules” of technical photography.  I use space and background to add to the image, and am very aware of the image as a “whole” rather than just the subjects.  I try to always get a couple “traditional” shots, everyone smiling at the camera, centered, perfect exposure and background. But for the most part, I focus on your personality(s) and use that as a jumping off point to really capture the relationships and natural candid, fun type photos.  I’ll also throw some creativity in there, pulling in the environment, background, location, weather, props, etc.  that happen to be a part of our shoot or your wedding. Basically, this makes no two shoots or weddings the same. I create unique photos that capture your personality, but that are also functional.  That’s just my choice and style.

 I recognize that my style is not going to work for everyone, but I’m also true to my work, and you will get what you see. Hopefully, it’s the style of photography that you would love to hang above your mantle!  🙂

What style of wedding photography do you like best? I’d love to hear below…


As always, happy planning from Jenna Bishop Photography!

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