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Walking through downtown Ft. Wayne, Indiana (near my hometown), on a chilly December night with a couple old friends from high school, my friend Dan explained how someday he was going to start an art non-profit and open an art gallery in Ft. Wayne.  Now of course, we all have goals, just like some day I was going to be a brain surgeon (we all know how that turned out). So even though I believed Dan could do it, I figured life would take several different turns and he probably wouldn’t find himself in Ft. Wayne long enough to see his dreams become a reality.

I could not have been more wrong. Dan Swartz, has not only infiltrated the Ft. Wayne  art community with  a contemporary art gallery, one of only four in Ft. Wayne, but has given local artists a chance to “make it” in the seemingly impossible world of contemporary art. He worked, interned, traveled, and basically gave up his soul to earn and learn enough to make his dream a reality. I could not be more impressed. It’s amazing what a little blood, sweat, and tears can do (literally, he showed me his scars). He is an incredible example of someone who would not give up until he saw his goals and dreams come to fruition.

Now, eight years later, Wunderkammer Company, a non-profit art initiative in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, has opened its doors to the public with exhibitions in photography, painting, theatre, food, music, dance, and many other mediums. There is no limit to the possibilities of this new start-up. Dan has some amazing ideas for his building and space, and he is not afraid to jump right in. If you are ever in Northeast Indiana, I urge you to check out Wunderkammer Company, and the impact they are having to drive focus and interest to all forms of contemporary art.

Jenna Bishop Photography is a proud supporter of local art initiatives and the Wunderkammer Company, headquartered in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.


Wunderkammer Company

That’s Dan, in the white shirt and glasses to the right, and behind him is his amazing gallery.

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