Tips for Brides Tuesday: Wedding Black and White

I love the traditional black and white shot, especially for a wedding, there is just something so timeless about it. However, there are about 1,000 black and white editing options out there when it comes to editing your wedding photos.  Everything from tone, contrast, exposure, and saturation can make one black and white look completely different from another. For example, check out the different editing below as each photo has adjustments in tone, saturation, and color vibrancy:

Different Black and White Editing Examples

Each one of these edits can look great on it’s own, the trouble comes when wedding photos are presented with several different black and white editing versions among the photos.  A set of wedding photos with different black and white edits looks silly if it is displayed together because the black and whites are completely different. Black and white photos especially, need to be processed similarly to create a cohesive wedding gallery that can be put in an album or displayed together. There are many great editing techniques out there, but for a photo shoot, and more importantly, a wedding, similar processing of the photos to make a cohesive set is very important. Color photos offer a little more room for play, but differences in black and white stick out like a sore thumb.

Imagine trying to display the following photos from your wedding on the wall or in an album:

Mismatched Black and White Wedding Editing

And now look how cohesive it is when the tones, colors, contrast, and other editing is the same:

Cohesive Black and White Wedding Editing

As a bride, try to remember to ask your potential photographer about their black and white process, it will make a world of difference in your wedding album and photo display.

As always, happy planning from Jenna Bishop Photography!

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