Jamie: Perry High School Senior – Chandler Senior Photographer

Of all the lifestyle photography I do, senior photos are the ones that really allow me to capture each person’s unique personality. This week I had two senior girls, same location, same time of day, same light, totally different photo shoots. Their personalities interacted with the location and environment in such unique ways, I love how that happens. Both photo shoots were amazing, and I love how Jamie, a Perry High School senior, let her personality shine through. I think most of my direction during the session was “just kind of spin around and laugh because you have the best smile!” She grabbed the most of every shot, and kept giving me looks that I couldn’t not photograph.

Come to find out, Jamie is an amazing painter, and does mostly portraits and people. I tried to paint a person once. Yikes. I’m so impressed by a really good painted portrait, knowing that it took hours to get the shadow just right and the features to look proportional. My camera does most of the work for me when it comes to capturing someone’s likeness. And usually within 1/200th of a second 🙂  So I’ll leave the painting to those who know what they’re doing. Jamie’s also in cymbal line, which she said is a lot more difficult than it sounds. I already think it sounds difficult, so I pretty much think Jamie is awesome. But either way, we had a great time. We got to hang out with her little dog, Little Bit, and go for a swim. Well, Jamie went for a swim, I stayed at a safe, dry distance. Thanks, Jamie, for an awesome shoot!


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