Cool Wall Clock Photo Display

So, sometimes it gets old just putting a photo in a frame and setting it on the table. I like to find unique ways to display photos at my house, and last summer came up with (or stole out of a magazine) this creative idea for displaying a whole set of photos (This is our kitchen sitting area):

Wall Clock in Sitting Room

What I put together was a wall clock with pictures for each number and actual working hands. I call it “Big Clock.” As in, “What time is it?”  “Well, what does Big Clock say?” 🙂

Mostly, I had a big open wall space and nothing (affordable) to put there, so I needed to fill a big space with lots of small things. It measures about five feet in diameter, and the hands are at least three feet long. A couple things that I did:

1. I got smaller (5×7) picture frames for the in between numbers and larger (8×12) frames for 12, 3, 6, and 9. I got my frames at Ikea but you could really use any kind of frames. I’m a big structure, everything-has-to-be-even-and-symmetrical kind of person. But it might be cool to use all different kinds and textures and frames.

2. I stretched two strings, one vertical and one horizontal to get my general structure, and I cut pieces of paper and taped them to the wall until it was exactly even. I had to bust out my protractor (or print one of the internet, who owns a protractor anymore?) to get the smaller frames at the right angle. I also used a measuring tape, a level, hammer, and nails (three per each of the angled photos). To get the pictures frames in the right spots, I literally just hammered the nails through the paper and tore the paper off the wall when I was ready to put up the frames.

3. One thing I did that I like is that I got on Photoshop (or you can use Gimp or any other kind of editing/cropping software like Picassa 2), and rotated the pictures so they looked like they are all facing the right direction. If the frame had to be rotated 30 degrees (hence the protractor), then I cropped the picture at a 30 degree rotated crop.

4. My clock hands actually work, I got them on Amazon. I love Amazon. In general it cost about $130 for everything including the frames, the hands, and the prints. And it took about 40 hours to get it all together.

5. I chose a general theme for my photos (our wedding). Or you could use your family photos from your photoshoot or you could use a random group of photos like one picture from every summer vacation, or pictures of nature that you think are pretty. The fun thing is that you can change them periodically to different themes or updated pictures or whatever you want.

Basically, it’s just kind of a fun way to use up a big wall, plus, you get to showcase lots of pictures from your photo shoot instead of just one or two main ones. Everybody wins! (well, you and the wall at least).

Email with any questions, I’m happy to help you with your own wall clock, or take the pictures to fill it!

Large Wall Clock Display with Family Photos

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