Photo Club!

This week was the kick-off of photo club at my school. I decided to start photography club because:

1. It wasn’t offered

2. Photography is fabulous

3. I love teaching things that I love

4. I love when students get excited about learning something they like!

I was expecting maybe 20 kids to show up, so I was pretty surprised when the whole library was full with almost 60 students. They all had ranges of cameras from their iphones (yeah, I’m jealous), to point-and-shoots, to DSLR’s. We went through a sweet article from istockphoto about composition. The first week we’re going over the rule of thirds and close ups, one step at a time. I’d rather them REALLY understand everything that just get a bunch of info and not be able to do anything with it. The very best part was when we were done with the information, everyone went out and started taking pictures all around the courtyard. It was so neat seeing the students apply what they learned, and I loved when they would show me what they took and how they interpreted things they saw. Plus, I have an awesome Highland High School sophomore, Rachel, as my assistant, who is fabulous. She does photography as well and is going to be a GREAT asset to teach lessons and help the students.

Here are a couple pictures from my students practicing the “rule of thirds” – I love these!

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