• What Is Jenna Bishop Photography?

    Welcome to Jenna Bishop Photography! I’m based in Gilbert, Arizona, and specialize in natural-light, lifestyle and wedding photography including high school seniors, families, and children. I strive to give my clients not only beautiful, timeless, creative photos, but a completely involved, completely devoted client experience. I'm all about celebrating life now, and what better way celebrate your 'now' than through photos that capture your unique personality!

    Shoot me an email at JennaBishopPhotography@gmail.com with questions or to book a session. Check out my Pinterest boards for photo shoot ideas. Follow me on Twitter for fun updates and photography advice, and like the JBP Facebook page for up-to-date photo shoots!

  • What Clients Are Saying…

    "Jenna knows how to make kids (and husbands) comfortable. She captured my memories of this time in our lives."
    ~ Jenn R.
    "From start to finish, Jenna helps you organize your clothing, to the best background and lighting for your shoot."
    "Jenna was wonderful and very easy to work with. She really got my son's personality to come through in his senior pictures."
    ~ Susan W.
    "I was extremely pleased with the quality of work and professionalism exhibited. Everything ran as smooth as butter. Had a wonderful experience."
    "Jenna is very personable, she makes you feel comfortable and helps you relax and enjoy getting your pictures taken."
    "Jenna is wonderful to work with! She definitely knows what works and is super time efficient. She makes the shoot fun and relaxing. Our photos were amazing!! An overall great experience!"
    ~ Scott L. + Ashley G.
    "The photographs she took reflect exactly who I (71 years old) and my 73 year old husband are. It took her a little over an hour to photograph us at several locations and felt as if I was a finalist on "America's next top model" I can't wait to give these photos to my children--and hang one in the living room."
    ~ Genie S.
    "Jenna is an amazing photographer! She made the entire experience comfortable and fun. And our pictures turned out amazing! :)"
    "I would definitely recommend JBP. We were very pleased, we've used a couple other photographers, and came upon JBP after our old photographer moved. In all honesty, we would recommend JBP over our old trusted photographer. She was great."
    ~ Josh S.
    "ALL the pictures are Incredible she loves them all!! We are so happy & lucky to have found you especially in our crunch time. You did an awesome job, Jenna. Thanks again, it was a great experience for her."
    ~ Gina M.
    "This was my first experience with an outdoor photo shoot and Jenna was the bomb! She made my experience fun!"
    ~ Jaime G
    "Jenna is a multi-talented woman with an amazing artistic eye! Her warmth and easy-going personality would make anyone feel at ease during a photo shoot. And, since she is such a caring person, you know for sure that she's going to do a great job!"
    ~ Arti S.
    "I couldn't have asked for a better wedding photographer! Jenna is professional, fun, and made everyone feel very comfortable. I cherish my photos every single day and will always be grateful of Jenna for her amazing work!"
    ~ Tamara F.
    There are people who take pictures, and there are those that create art with a camera. We are so grateful to Jenna Bishop for her time and talent!
    ~ Alexis V.
    "From the first conversation with Jenna on the phone, price comparison of what you get with her package to booking the photo shoot and getting the details was an AWESOME experience. She took all the stress out of the picture.......highly recommend her photography to all !"
    "Well worth the already reasonable cost, Jenna will make you feel as though you've been a model all of your life. She was super fun to work with and delivers great quality pictures!"
    ~ Amber S.
    "WE LOVE JENNA! When someone asked Hannah if is was hard to do her shoot at the gardens when it was so crowded, she said, 'not at all, Jenna made me feel so comfortable it all felt really natural and OMG I love my pictures!'"
    ~Loren L.
    "Amazing quality, fantastic experience that it itself worth the price. The photos are just icing on the cake! Don't wait for a big event to treat yourself and your loved ones to something like this."
    "From the first conversation with Jenna on the phone, price comparison of what you get with her package to booking the photo shoot and getting the details was an AWESOME experience. She took all the stress out of the picture.......highly recommend her photography to all!"
    ~ Gina M.
    "I just wanted to let you know we absolutely LOVE Ciara's pictures! You did such an amazing job on them. Thank you so much!!!"
    ~ Andrea C.
    "Our family had a great experience with Jenna! She was so fun and helpful with our family photos and worked with us on our preferences. Our pictures turned out very professional looking and we always get so many compliments on them. We would highly recommend Jenna Bishop Photography!"
    "I'd say Jenna is AMAZING!! I love her work! I love how personable she is and how she catches the candid moments. I highly recommend her!"
    ~ Shannon G.
    Thank you again for taking such marvelous photos to accompany this story. We are all just loving them and how beautifully they capture the bond between a man and his dog.
    ~ Annette P.
    "Thank you so much!! You are so talented! You make it so easy! The pictures look amazing!!!"
    ~ Lisa B.
    "Jenna is great with working with people of all ages. From the candid getting ready and ceremony shots, to the more formal poses, she really captures the day. Jenna is a talented photographer, who also helps people relax, laugh, and enjoy the day."
    ~ Erin L.
    "We would highly recommend her as she works really well with everyone and when you have large groups she keeps you focused and getting what we wanted. The style of her pictures too is very good and captures people as you want to see them."
    ~ George B.
    "Jenna is very professional, well organized with great communication. She has wonderful location choices and even helps you organize your families outfits. I recommend Jenna to everyone."
    "1. You literally took my breath away with some of these photos! 2. We need more walls - because I want to hang every single one!! I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful gift that we will always cherish!!"
    ~ Alexis V.
    “These engagement photos are the best I’ve ever seen. Absolutely fantastic.”
    ~ Michael H.
    " We loved working with you today. You have a great attitude and style to get people to open up and relax for pictures."
    ~ Cathy G.
    "We are so pleased with how the photo shoot went and of course even more so with how the pictures actually turned out. These are memories we will cherish always. Rest assured I will highly recommend your services to anyone I know looking to have their photos taken, whatever the occasion might be. Thank you Jenna!"
    ~ Jolene W.
    "Thank you Jenna for doing such a GREAT job! You are amazing!"
    ~ Kathe P.
    "Everyone really enjoyed how easy you were to work with, and I couldn't agree more. You certainly helped make our photo shoot so much more enjoyable, and we are all very appreciative."
    ~ Jolene W.
    "My wedding pictures were better than I could have ever imagined. I have received so many compliments from people about how beautiful they turned out. Jenna was easy and fun to work with and was very accommodating of what I wanted. I am not a very creative person and Jenna brought my small ideas to life. Her creativity and innovation is astounding! I would recommend Jenna to anyone looking for beautiful, timeless photography."
    ~ Nicole M.
    "She really did a great job helping me smile beautifully. I was worried about my smile appearing fake. But she does a really good job of engaging with you throughout the photo shoot. I love how my pictures turned out!."
    "Jenna is an amazing photographer! She made the entire experience comfortable and fun. And our pictures turned out amazing!"
    "Our family had a great experience with Jenna! She was so fun and helpful with our family photos and worked with us on our preferences. Our pictures turned out very professional looking and we always get so many compliments on them. We would highly recommend Jenna Bishop Photography!"
    ~ Trudi W.
    "I loved working with Jenna Bishop! She answered questions and emails, prices were great, and the photos are gorgeous!"
    Jenna, these are so adorable!! I love them! Thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures of our little man and capturing such a special time of our lives!
    ~ Natalie K.
    "Jenna, we love love love the pictures! Just what we were looking for. So talented you are! Many many thanks!"
    ~ Heidi V.
    "We received our photos and they all look great! The company printing our Christmas cards even told us what high quality they were. We are all very happy with them. Thanks!!"
    ~ Trudi W.
    "I would say it was worth every penny, and I look forward to the next shoot. The pictures are just so lovely that I wish I had more wall space to hang them all!"
    ~ Alexis V.
    "My experience with Jenna Bishop Photography was exceptional. Jenna's style is so natural! We are very pleased with all of the photos and will be referring Jenna to everyone we know. You made me, Greg, and Eddie (our puppy) feel so comfortable. We can't thank you enough!"
    ~ Rachael J.
    "I actually have recommended Jenna to my best friends! What I told them is that Jenna is an amazing photographer, she listens to her clients, and she truly puts her time and energy into perfecting each image. I just had to show my friends my wedding pictures and they are sold. :-)"
    ~ Sarah + Zak K.
    "Jenna is very professional, well organized with great communication. She has wonderful location choices and even helps you organize your families outfits. I recommend Jenna to everyone."
    "I always would recommend Jenna because she is so sweet and easy to work with :) Thank you so much, Jenna, me and Chloe love you! :)"
    ~ Morgan K.
    "From the first introduction , till the last shot was taken Jenna made my daughter feel beautiful and gave her a boost of confidence with every picture taken. My daughter was nervous and felt silly at first, but the way Jenna handled the shoot - she made her relax, got to know her likes and dislikes , talked to her on her level, and was very professional. I recommend her for all your photo needs. She is a ray of sunshine and so easy to work with ,Thank you for fitting us in your busy schedule and I will see you in 2016 for my next daughter's photo shoot!"
    ~ Lori R.
    "Jenna is the ultimate photographer. Her work is beautiful, and her communication before, during and after the session make working with her so easy and fun. Jenna's pricing structure is simple, upfront and very reasonable. Unlike other companies we looked at there are no reasons to buy unwanted packages when Jenna has so many affordable options. We have found a photographer for our family! We look forward to working with her for every photographic need we have! Thanks Jenna we couldn't ask for more!"
    ~ Cathy G.

Why Would You Be Forbidden to Take Wedding Photos?

Taking Photos at a Wedding

I’ve been asked several times by brides, “Do you want us to tell everyone they can’t take photos during the wedding?” The first time I heard it, I was so confused why someone would ask me that question. Why wouldn’t I want other people to take pictures? So, I did a little research, and apparently a lot of photographers prefer that people don’t use their cameras during weddings for concern of “getting in the photographer’s way.” Some photographers go so far as to put in their contract that the bride and groom have to tell everyone to refrain from taking photos (for example, by putting it in the ceremony schedules handed out to guests). So, I guess this is a thing, to tell your friends and family, who have spent time, energy, and money (you know that Crock-Pot wasn’t cheap) that they are forbidden to take photos of one of the most important days of your life.

A wedding is one of life’s biggest events, and as a wedding photographer, I’m responsible to capture everything of that day, from the bride’s excitement as she puts on her dress, to the last hurrah as the bride and groom drive away for the evening. And as a photographer, there are a lot of variables that can inevitably go wrong. For example, what if my equipment malfunctioned, or a guest spilled their drink on my camera and memory cards, or my car got broken into and my equipment and photos were stolen? Granted, the likelihood of these things happening is low, seeing all the backups and secondary measures I have in place. However, what if? What if I was the only person taking photos the whole day because I had made the bride and groom tell everyone to keep their cameras down? What if something crazy happened and all their photos were lost? Honestly, I don’t think I could bear to face them knowing that at that point, they probably have no other photos of one of the most important days of their lives.

Not to mention, a wedding is not about the photography. A wedding is a celebration with friends and family of two people in love pledging their lives together. If they happen to get amazing pictures out of the deal, well then all sorts of awesome. But I am a firm believer that your guests are there to celebrate with you, and if that means whipping out their Iphone at that first kiss, then yay, celebrate away! I encourage you, as a bride/groom to be, to encourage your guests to record the day however they want, and let them celebrate with you while I document it all quietly in the background. In fact, one of my favorite weddings was when the couple first got up to the altar, I kid you not, at least 3/4 of the congregation of 250 took out their phones/cameras and started taking photos. From my vantage point in the back of the church, it was almost comical. But what a unique moment to be surrounded by so many people that love you so much they want to document your day just as much as you do. I mean, think about it, these 200 people or so were willing to give up however many kilobytes on their phone just to have a memory of their friend/cousin/niece/brother’s-best friend’s-sister getting married. They must have been a pretty special couple.

So please, celebrate with your special couple and shoot away…

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Flippo Family: Gilbert Family Photographer

If my kids end up anything like the Flippo family kids, I will be a happy mama! This family was so delightful, so much fun, and just an all-around pleasure to photograph! Their sweet little girl insisted that dolly was part of the family, which I totally agreed, and we definitely had to get a few shots with her, good thing she dressed up for the occasion. And check out those adorable curls, I love how the light filtered through her hair! Although we ended up getting a few stickers in our feet, we did get to climb trees, laugh and goof around, and basically just have a great time.

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Monthly Photo Challenge: Friendship

 The I Heart Faces monthly photo challenge this month is “Friendship.” Poor guy, he was trying desperately to make up for the fact that he beat her in a running race.  She wasn’t having anything of it. Friends are amazing, but it sometimes takes a little work and a little creativity to keep friendships strong. It didn’t take long though for them to work it out:)

Check out more great photos at the I Heart Faces website!

Gilbert Children

friends walking hand in hand


Check out this photo in I Heart Faces’ monthly challenge. Theme: Friendship

Photo Challenge Submission

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August 4, 2014 - 12:12 pm

Laurie Graham - This made me smile! so cute!!!

August 5, 2014 - 1:03 am

chelsea - That is so sweet! That first picture is just perfection. Glad they made up! ;)

August 6, 2014 - 10:57 am

Karen - Haha! This is great :-)

Mariah: Desert Ridge Senior – Gilbert Senior Photographer

I love sparkles, so when Mariah showed up with not only the most gorgeous sparkly prom dress, but a sequined top and rhinestone shoes, it was like a girl after my own heart.  :)  Marah is your all-around awesome girl. She’s a super hard worker, and worked her way up to manager of a restaurant after only a short time. She’s headed to UofA in the fall (smart girl:) ) to study pre-med, but already has her medical associates certificate so she can get a head start in the field. She’s such an inspiration! Plus, she looks like a model/rock star – I love the jewelry and her amazing dress! And to top it off, her boyfriend (and prom date), Daniel, was the sweetest guy! Good luck next year, Mariah, and go wildcats!

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Ruble Family: Scottsdale Family Photographer

It was so much fun to do an out of the ordinary session with the Ruble family. We had taken their twin son’s six month photos about a year ago, and now they are a year and a half and the cutest little guys you’ve ever seen! We wanted to do something fun with them, and something to beat the Arizona June heat, so we headed to a splash pad and just let the boys have a good time. I love the candid, natural shots, especially with kids – it captures their true personalities and embraces the simple essence of being a kid. I’m telling you, kids were just not meant to sit and smile for any length of time for family photos. I’m pretty sure they were invented just to torture toddlers. So what better than to let the boys splash around and have a good time!

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